Gun Control

  1. I. ‍Introduction
    A. Hello ladies and gentleman I have a question do you think its safe that exist a law whe you can buy any gun without restriction?
    B. what do you think about it?

  2. II. Body
  3. A. Distribution of weapons
    1. 1. The first thing i want to say is that is dangerous that there exist locals where you can buy a gun without restrictions.
    2. 2. they didn't ask you your records or anything they just receive the money and with any kind of Id provide you with a weapon.

  1. B. what is the problem
    1. 1. I know that there exists laws that let you have a weapon but the problem is what kind of gun is safe to obtain for any individual.
    2. 2. for example, the difference between a magnum that is a weapon of low capacity and an AKA 47 that is a gun of large distance and high capacity of destruction, and that thing is both weapons are sold with the same principles of just the money and the ID

  1. C. Public Safe
    1. 1.what happen when a gun of high capacity is in the wrong hands? there start the main problem the public safety, what about if an AKA 47 is in the hands of some psychopathic, there starts the massacres and the deaths, for example
      Colorado Movie Theater Massacre and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting


  1. III. Solution
  2. A. the solution i found to this problem is more restriction to the sellers ansd consumers of weapons
  3. B. also to provide a law where people can not buy weapons if they are not allow to manage them.