I. Introduction

A. Attention Getter:If I can have everyones attention I would like to dedicate a moment of silence to sleep so suddenly taken from us by the alarm clock!

B. Thesis Statement/Main Overall Point: For my speech I will be talking about the sleep process, sleep disorders (cause and effect) and their treatments.

C. Credibility Statement: I got my information from website pages, The URLs are listed below.

II. Body

A. Main Point 1: The Sleep Process

1. Supporting Material: N-REM sleep and REM sleep

2. Supporting Material: Physical and mental changes in the body that happen while we sleep

B. Main Point 2: Sleep Disorder

1. Supporting Material: Types of Sleep Disorders

2. Supporting Material: Causes and effects of these disorders

3. Supporting Material: Ways to prevent and Cure these Disorders. (If possible)

III. Conclusion

Review Main points (optional):