DIY at Home facial
Acne Treatment
  1. Introduction

A) Attention Getter: In today’s society, having flawless skin is perceived as being beautiful. People go to great lengths to take good care of their skin. Getting a professional facial every week can be time consuming and pricey. I am a college student, so I am always broke and quite frankly don’t have the time to indulge in such debauchery. I’ve suffered from acne for a while now, so I rely on ingredients in my kitchen after I discovered the world of YouTube.
B) Thesis Statement: Your kitchen pantry is the best cabinet for at home facial. Hippocrates said let food be your medicine and medicine your food, he wasn’t kidding.
C) Credibility Statement: Most of the products that I am going to be using today are used in most cosmetic creams. It’s way affordable and effective and it’s mild and not harsh and aggressive as leading department store brands.
D) Relevance statement: ( optional)
E) Review Main Point: I am now are going to talk about how to prepare a facial acne.

Transition: Let’s start by gathering our materials
A) MAIN POINT: Utensils
1. Measuring cup
2. Paint brush
4. Plastic spoon
3. Mixing ball
Transition: Having our utensil’s ready, we can now move on to the ingredients
B) MAIN POINT: The Actual Ingredients
1. Yogurt
2. Honey
3. Tumeric
4.sandal wood powder
5.Ground Flax seed
Transition: Now that we have our ingredients and utensils ready, let’s start our facial.
B) MAIN POINT: Mixing the Ingredients

A) Review Main Point ( optional)
B) Clincher:
What the big beauty industries are not telling you is that most of their products are from plants that we carry powder versions in our own kitchen. The less aggressive the products, the better for our skin it is. I learned that the hard way. From buying expensive face creams and acne treatments, too expensive make ups that made my skin worse. Your kitchen pantry is your best dermatologist.



Your Outline is very informative, well organized, it seems to me that you know a lot about the subject. I like the information, i learned something new, the only things that i had problem with, was with the abbreviation in the tittle, is not good to use contractions in formal writing, and on your sources, even if the video is from youtube, you should cite it, to make your argument more convincing. I personally think you did a great job, congratulation.