April 25, 2013
Wester Bello
Prof. Bruno

A. Did you know that there are about 12 different baseball pitches?
B. Thesis statement – Being a dominant pitcher consist in the effectiveness, and the variation of your pitches.
A. How to throw different pitches
1. Throwing a Four-seam Fastball
2. How to throw an effective changeup
B. Other pitches and their movements
1. Two seam Fastball
2. Split-finger
C. Combining your pitches is as important as being confident on your pitches.
1. Combination of Four-seam Fastball and Changeup
2. Throwing a Slider, or Splitter-finger after a Two-seam Fastball
A. Most people have no idea of the important of throwing different pitches during a game. Some fans will argue that they see the same pitch every time the pitcher throws, but that is not true.
B. Pitching is a tough challenge, and the only way you can overcome its defiance is through combination, consistency, and self-confidence, these are master keys to succeed in a game, and to become more dominant and effective against any batter.

Comment by Louisa Auguste:I think your conclusion could have been more explicit ,Like talk a little bit more about the game, the players and so forth.... then tell us about how you will show us in the body the differnt ways to throw a pitch.Also there was no transition statements between your main points in the Body of your outline.Overall,this is a very interesting speech. I didn't know there were different ways to throw a pitch. I learn a lot from your speech. Good job!

Your body was a little vague, i would have liked for you to explain more about these different pitches being that i was

not there when you had presented your speech. But great topic, i didnt know there were different pitches in baseball.

(Comments by Destiny Borrero)