Courtney Ximines

Transferring from LaGuardia Community College

I. Introduction
  1. Hello students of LaGuardia Community College (Greet the audience by referring to them as the future: firefighter, scientist, etc.){Joke}. ß Good point makes them draw attention.
  2. Today I have been given the privilege of inform you about transferring to four year college. Whether you wish to move onward to another CUNY college like Lehman or John Jay, go to a SUNY college, or if you want to try a college in another state, whatever fits you, there are the steps you have do to get in. ß very good start
  3. I could just as easily give you a few pieces of paper with websites and numbers of specific colleges and say read the paper if you’re interested, but as many of you have remembered the first day you chose to come to LaGuardia, there are many different rooms like the Enrollment Service Center (C-107) and requirements (immunization records,) that you will need to have. ß Great summary of what is needed to start transferring to 4 years college.
  4. I’m sure many of you have already decided on which four-year college you’re heading off to now that you have completed your courses here at LaGuardia, but I suspect that some of you are not as ready as you might think. ß Good “mind reader” part here which I like
Transitional phrase.
II. Body
  1. I know from experience that there is at least five to fifteen students who miss important information, then find themselves lost looking for the right room or office. ß Interesting!
I. Explain the basic requirements:
  1. Transcripts from previous schools such as LaGuardia
  2. Documents like the immunization records
II. Placement tests
Transitional phrase
  1. Now that I’m sure everyone is up to speed on how to transfer, let me give an example of the type of four year colleges you will be applying to:
I. John Jay is a good example of a CUNY college especially for students pursuing a criminal justice major.
  1. Extra information that can be found on the website (
    1. SUNY colleges and other non-CUNY colleges are similar in content but it’s better suited to those who prefer a change of scenery in which to advance their educational experience.
I. Mention a SUNY college and the experience that a few of my friends had when applying for it.
(Great concept of different colleges offered to match majors)
III. Conclusion
  1. I hope that after today you feel more informed about what to do when you have finally picked that four year college. If there is any more questions then please feel free to speak to me afterwards otherwise good luck to you all! ß Good closing which I like
Overall: a great speech outline looks great and I think this is a good start for a good speech
-Feedback by Aleksandr R