Brian Debrosse
An Ex convict’s conflict with society

  1. Introduction
  2. Attention Getter- My attention getter would probably be a story of a friend of mine who is an ex-convict and has difficulties finding a job. Even after going back to school and getting a degree.
  3. Thesis Statement/Main Overall Point- In the world today it has become more and more difficult to find a job. Yet for ex-convicts finding a good steady job has always been a difficult thing to do. My topic is on why ex-convicts shouldn’t face the employment barriers they constantly deal with today.
  4. Credibility Statement- One of my biggest issues with our criminal justicesystem is that it concentrates so much on retribution and punishment and not really on rehabilitation for criminals. When individuals are released from prison the fact that there’re criminal records causes them to have difficulties finding a job leads them to pursuit their criminal career for money and being able to take care of themselves and family. This can lead them to go back to prison
  5. Relevance Statement (optional)
  6. Review Main Points (optional)

  1. Body (number of main points is usually determined by length of speech.)
  2. Main Point 1- The punishment of committing their crime is the time they have served in prison. An ex- convict shouldn’t be punished for a crime they committed throughout their whole life after being released.
  3. Main Point 2- The majority of ex- convicts are likely to return to prison due to the lack of employment and people not willing to give jobs. . According to statistics ex-convicts are likely to return back to prison. In 2006 over 180,000 ex-convicts were sent back to prison (Criminal Justice In America pg 319). One of the main causes of their return to prison is them not being able to find a good job.
  4. Main Point 3- Given employment is one way an ex-convict can reintegrate with society. The norms of jail are different from the norms of society. Giving an ex convict a job slowly brings their mind of understanding society again.
  5. Main Point 4-What are some ideas that can lead to more employment of ex- convicts ?. More programs like the “Working Opportunity Tax Credit” should be made. This program rewards employers that hire individuals with a criminal background. They pay up to $ 2700 for each individual that is hired with a criminal background (Hiring Ex-Offenders:Rewarding the Risk). .

  1. Conclusion. In our world today everyone reacts and thinks based off of fear. One of our society biggest fears is something tragic happening. We never know how someone could react when they’re in a certain situation. So since an employer is aware of an individual pass crime history. That employer still feels and may fear that the individual once again can do something illegal that can harm their business. Is this good enough excuse for thousands of individuals who do decide to turn their lives around to be punish for the rest of their lives and not having the same job opportunities as their fellow citizens?

P, Diana. "Hiring Ex-Offenders: Rewarding the Risk." Talbert House Blog. N.p., 2 May 2012. Web. 14 May. 2013.
Cole, George F., and Christopher E. Smith. Criminal Justice In America. Sixth ed. N.p.: Linda Schreiber, n.d. Print.

  1. Introduction
  2. Attention Getter- I will probably use an image as an attention getter.
  3. Thesis Statement/Main Overall Point- Energy drink companies are adding more and more ingredients into their products. Many are unaware of what’s exactly inside these drinks.
  4. Credibility Statement- Many of us are in school and working and barely get enough time to sleep. So we depend on other sources of energy such as coffee and energy drinks.
  5. Relevance Statement (optional)
  6. Review Main Points (optional)

  1. Body (number of main points is usually determined by length of speech.)
    1. Supporting Material- Energy drinks contain ingredients that are good for your health. But when put in all together it can be dangerous.
  2. Main Point 2- Many people who consume a lot of energy drinks are between the age group 18-25. Due to school and many balancing jobs at the same time.
    1. Supporting Material- A lot of these young adults is unaware of how drinking a lot of energy drinks can be bad and sometimes even fatal.

  1. Main Point 3- People are unaware of the side effects that some of these energy drinks can cause
    1. Supporting Material- some side effects include an Increase in heart rate, shaking, agitation, restlessness, Chest Pain, Dizziness, Headache and sleeping disorders.
    2. Supporting Material- Drinks such as monster and five hour energy has been reported to be responsible for a few deaths and nonfatal heart attacks.

  1. Conclusion
  2. Inform everyone that drinking coffee is probably a better option for energy and getting more sleep.

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