• Introduction
    • As they walk or drive on patrol police officers never know what they might find around the next corner.
    • what if they encounter an armed fugitive who surprises them with gunfire? who would want to face such risks? What motivates someone to choose such a career?
    • According to research , the biggest attraction of a career in policing is the variety of tasks. Police officers are out on the streets doing a variety of activities that may change from day to day.
  • Body
  • Requirements
    • being a u.s citizen
    • Age requirements
  • Salary
    • Starting salary is $38,569
    • Larger cities salaries tend to be higher.
  • Police officer written Exam
    • to take the exam you have to be 17 1/2 years of age when taking the exam.
    • the police officer written exam is designed to gauge the cognitive ability, observational skills, and mental activity of interested applicants.

  • Conclusion
    • Policing is such an important occupation, society would obviously benefit from recruiting its most thoughtful, athletic, and dedicated citizens as police officers.

​Refernces: www.nypdrecruit.com
I find your introduction a real good attention getter. Very good informative topic espcially since i had thoughts of joining the Nypd. Your conclusion is just as good as your introduction.
You have a really good way of opening your speech and closing it.

Cigarette Smoking

  • Introduction
    • in my introduction i will talk about how the worlds view of cigarette smoking has changed. also how society promotes cigarettes and lastly how smoking is seen as a nasty addictive habit.
  • Body
  • Main point:
    • What does Cigarette/ tobacco smoking does to a smoker?
    • i will talk about the chemicals inside of a cigarette.

  • Main Point 2:
    • Harmful effects of smoking
    • the effects varies from person to person
  • Main Point 3:


  • Conclusion
    • Smoking is dangerous
    • giving up smoking will save your life
    • so please Quit smoking today
  • References truth.com