Group Project


  • Balsam: coordinator, Skit
  • Tamika: Gender
  • Stephanie: Race
  • Brandon: Religion
  • Rafeena: social Groups
  • Alessandra: Culture

Attention Seeker: we have prepared a short skit. * Group sits in a circle*. As we go around the circle we will each say a stereotype about a group member, it could be either positive or negative. (Group members have been told not to take offence to the following statements; they are just for the presentation). For example: all Arabs are Rich and terrorists, all Latinos are either drug dealers or hard workers and girls with weaves are bald, black girls are trouble makers and so on.
Stereotypes are a very serious offence, if affects everyone age, race gender and religion wise. Everyone does it even if they aren’t quite aware of it. Even though some stereotypes are positive they affect different people differently and we should just stop putting labels on people completely until we get to know them first.

Racial Stereotypes
We all are familiar with racial stereotypes we either have been stereotyped by our race or have stereotyped others by their race or sometimes even both. We can't deny that we haven’t stereotyped other people before by their race sometimes we try not to do it but at times we do it without even knowing. For example
1. All Asians are smart and good at math

2.All African American guys who are tattooed are thugs and thief's

3.Most Spanish people are on welfare and other public assistance

4.We should be scared of Muslims because it's possible they could be terrorist

5.All Spanish people are fair skinned with fine hair
These ignorant stereotypes are some that we hear constantly and we all should know they are not true. Like the quote states "Never judge a book by its cover” just because you’re assuming something from someone's outer appearance doesn't mean it's necessarily true. We should judge by someone’s character not by what we obviously can't change which is our race.

Gender stereotypes

Gender stereotypes has been around for many years and this is one stereotype that we really are not aware of. Most of us grow up assuming these are natural ways of being or behaving.

~Babyshowers for girls are an overload of pink and cheetah print while a babyshower for boys is a bunch of blue and sports

Some think stereotypes like this are innocent but as we get older they begin to separate males from females

~Boys play with action figures and guns while girls play with baby dolls and kitchen sets

This plants the seed in our children about who they are suppose to be and how they are suppose to act. Boy can only be rough, mean and violent because that is "manly". Girls can only be loving, nurturing and comfortable in the kitchen. These start the "tell" children their roles in society. Females take care of the children and home while males don't. Males fight and be aggressive while females can't.

Yes these may seem innocent for now but as we grow into young adult and full adults stereotype become harmful. They can often lead to mis-treatment because we are so unaware of how they influence our thinking and lead to presumption about others.

~Women don't need to go to college

~Men can't be nurses

~Women are never in charge while men are always in charge because men are stronger

~Women are suppose to do "clean jobs" like be a teachers and librarians while men are suppose to do "dirty jobs" like mechanics or construction workers

These stereotypes put limits on what people can do with their life's and can lead to personal conflicts.

The most paralyzingly stereotype is Men aren't emotional and females are over-emotional.

~This stereotype can cause stress because when situations arise males are less likely to respond appropriately. They will shut down and run away because expressing emotions or crying is not acceptable or "manly". While women may not be taken seriously in the same situation because they are emotional and always expected to cry. So to avoid that there are females who shut down and become emotional unavailable.

We do not need stereotypes to inform us on how to behave; we can make those choices on our own. We can continue to behave like the stereotypes and be unhappy or be free living our lives in the pursuit of happiness.

Religious stereotypes

When we don’t have a good knowledge or understanding of a subject, people or country, we
tend to make assumptions about them. When we use to make judgments, wrong judgments about
other people that without know, and most of the time this assumptions are false.
For example there exist stereotypes against Religion, but not all the stereotypes are negative
there exist negative and positive stereotypes. A religion stereotype is used to discriminate the
particular view a person has for his religion or also how his community used to behave as a
For negative stereotypes:
  • All Christians are Republicans or even radical right-wing.
  • All Jews are Democrats.
  • All Muslims are terrorists.
  • Christians are hypocrites and against everything that makes life good and enjoyable.
  • Christianity is the first religion and every other religion and all the denominations derive from it.
  • Protestants hate Catholics and vice versa.
  • Catholics hate Jews.
  • All Catholic priests are child-molesters.
  • The Pope is considered a God in the eyes of Christian people
  • Jews are supposed to be greedy money crunchers.
  • Catholics are supposed to be big on guilt.
  • Southern Baptists are supposed to be into rattlesnakes.
  • Amish just like to make quilts.
  • Positive stereotypes of religion:
  • Monks are wise people
  • Buddhist are happy
  • Catholics are respectful
  • Jews are so familiar
  • Muslims are obedient
Of course most of the time the stereotypes are hurtful and they shouldn’t exist because you cannot judge something without knowing

Cultural stereotypes

Cultural stereotypes according to the native country, this are some countries that gained stereotypes according to the name and their people.
Germany: blonde, love beer
Asians: smart, bad drivers, eat every kind of animal
Pakistan, Afghanistan & Iraq: Terrorists, have a bad smell
French: hate Americans, don’t take showers
United States: are overweight or too skinny, lazy
Russians: cold and emotionless
Irish: love to drink
Cubans: love cigars
Italians: All are part of the Mafia, only eat pasta, lousy ate work
Colombia: drug dealers, love coffee, passionate; educated
Britain: home of fanatical and violent soccer fans
Argentinians: disagreeable; megalomaniac; warm and friendly people; can be vain & arrogant; beautiful women; cultured society; lazy; disrupting protesters
Bangladeshis: poor, unconventional, adaptive, hardworking, intelligent but poorly educated, family oriented.
Brazilians: party animals, impulsive, carnival addicts, soccer and coffee lovers.
Mexicans: tequila drinkers, family oriented, have a lot of kids, are illegal, hard workers.

Social Groups (Individual of Groups)
Stereotyping is a personality trait in people which creates an impression in the mind of a person just by looking at that person or just by knowing about their religion, ethnic background, educational qualifications etc. People usually consider themselves as 'normal' and any other person who deviates from their 'normal' behavior, comes prominently in their eye. And they stereotype that person's nature and personality from their perspective.
However, stereotyping is something is doesn't normally benefit people. Usually people make a judgment of a person by their first impression. If a person is well dressed he or she appears to be sophisticated, educated and well-mannered. On the other hand, a shabbily dressed person leaves a bad impression. However, just judging these people merely by their clothes is stereotyping, without knowing about their attitude, personality, nature, qualification etc. Most of this stereotyping is taking place in schools. For example:
  • Goths wear black clothes, black makeup, are depressed and hated by society.
  • Punks wear Mohawks, spikes, chains, are a menace to society and are always getting in trouble.
  • All politicians are philanders and think only of personal gain and benefit.
  • Girls are only concerned about physical appearance.
  • All blonds are unintelligent.
  • All librarians are women who are old, wear glasses, tie a high bun, and have a perpetual frown on their face.
  • All teenagers are rebels.
  • All children don't enjoy healthy food.
  • Only anorexic women can become models

Why we shouldn’t Stereotype Disadvantages
  • The downside of using a stereotype to make a judgment about someone is that it might be completely misguided and incorrect, causing you to act inappropriately or worse still, offend somebody.
  • Although positive stereotypes do exist, negative stereotypes are much more common, says "Simple Psychology." This means that more often than not, stereotypes encourage people to form a negative first impression of a person before they have given them the chance to reveal who they are. This negative categorization of people can create an "us" and "them" attitude, which in turn can create problems in many social situations like the workplace, at school or in the local community.
  • The world is such a vast place, inhabited by billions of people so it is no wonder we seek out ways to simplify our surroundings so that they are easier to digest and understand.

Clincher: Different sayings from religions and languages about how we should not judge a book by its cover:
For example:
لا تحكم على الكتاب من غلافه- arabic
No juzgar un libro por su cubierta - spanish
Dont judge a book by it's cover- English

Action: before u judges someone or put a label on them maybe u should go talk to them an get to know them. Even them some stereotypes can be very mean and we should just stop labeling people all together