A. Attention Getter - My grandmother had Alzheimer's
B. Thesis statement - I thought i'd talk about what Alzheimer's actually is

A. Dementia
1. Alzheimer's is the most common form of dementia
2. Dementia is the general term for loss of memory
B. Stages
1. More common than you think !
2. Gets worse over time

C. Medicine
1. Fish oil pills help prevent Alzheimer's
2. No cure yet

A. Summarize what i explain
B. No cure, but lets pray that there will be soon !

Introduction- your personal experience will gain audience attention.
Body- you have good point but i think it will be better if you have any supporting material.
conclusion- sad and gain sympathy of audience.
Overall your topic and outline is good.
Good Luck (Frm Pema)
Comment fr Rafeena Haniff
Introduction: I think your attention getter is great
Body: You got three good main points and would be a super speech if you support your points well
Conclusion:I like your clincher
Good luck