Name: Pema Lhazom
Speech Title
How to prepare for job interview.

  1. ‍‍Introduction‍‍

We all did a hard work to get good grade but more than that there is something even more important that we might have to worry about; that is getting a job after graduating from our college. Therefore, we all need to know how to prepare for interview for getting a job.After doing many research I found that preparing for job interview is the one of the most important and first step in making your career.

  1. ‍Body

There are four key point to prepare for job interview.

First of all, you have to do a thorough research on employer or company where you are called for interview and study job description.
A. Internet; go to company website and check the link “about us”

Secondly, analyze and prepare yourself.
A. What is your strength and weakness?
Thirdly, prepare for the question and answer that might ask in your interview.
A. By Jacquelyn Smith on Jan.11, 2013 in Forbes noted: How to Ace the 50 most common interview

Finally, dress code for the what type of job you are going for interview.

3. Conclusion‍

Overall success in your interview, you should do some research on employer, improve your weakness, preparing question and answer that might comes and dress for interview according to the position of job. As saying goes, “Hope for the Best and prepare for the worst”.

Good intro
your body is good , you have nice steps
great quote in your conclusion
- Jalen