Large Soda ban

One of my friend “Dolma” who was only 25 years old and she was very good at studies. She has a very bright future. Unfortunately she died last year due to obesity. I think no one wants to die at such a young age. Do you know that according to New York State Health Department reported that 60% of adults in New York are either overweight or obese? And also according to recently CNN health column stated that “In United states sugary drink were linked to the deaths of 25000 people from diabetes and other obesity-related diseases.There is strong correlation between sugary drink and obesity.”

Harmful ingredient in soda are:
a) sugar: soda contain upto 15tsp of sugar content per 325m can, which is more sugar than your body needs for an entire day. Sugar can be harmful to your teeth, increase your risk of diabetes, heart disease and indigestion.

b) Artificial sweetener: These sweetener have a number of possible side effects: migraines, memory loss, heart complication, depression and increased cancer risk.

c) Caffeine: Increase the heart rate.

d) Carbon-dioxide : Excessive carbon dioxide kills healthy cells.

e) Preservatives: Preservative like sodium benzoate can cause asthma, rashes and hyperactive.


According to Gitanjali Singh, a postdoctoral research fellow at the Harvard School of public health in Boston has said, “We know that sugar sweetened beverages are linked to obesity and that a large number of death are caused by obesity related diseases. But until now, nobody really put these pieces together.”

b) Obesity also increases the health cost in America.


  1. Reuters report that obesity in America adds roughly $ 190 billion to annual national health care costs.
  2. Journal of Health Economics estimates that an obese man will rack up an additional $ 1,152 per year in health cost spending. Solution: These statistic are alarming. New Yorker should consider this alarming problem and all the people and Government officials should take a further step to ban on sugary drink larger than 16 ounces not only for the benefit of Nation but for your own health.

3. Conclusion
Therefore, not only living life is our primary goal but living healthy and long life is the part of our goal. It is better not to be late than never to support the cause for your own benefit as well as nation as a whole.

Wish you all happy, healthy and long life.