2.Attention Getter: Animals are beating. They are starved. They are left to suffer and die. They can’t raise a hand to defend themselves. If they did, animal abusers would be died.
3.Thesis Statement/Main Overall Point: Is it important to know why animals get abuse every year.
4.Credibility Statement: I interview people that work with animals getting abuse and have done research on the internet/ TV.
5.Relevance Statement (optional):
6.Review Main Points (optional): first, I will discuss why animals get abuse. Then, providing statistics how many animals get abuse, what place and what animals. Later, informing what is an abuse so they could call a specific number to report it.

1.‍Body (n‍umber of main points is usually determined by length of speech.)
2.Main Point 1.Explaining why people abuse animals.1.Supporting Material: childhood
2.Supporting Material: economic

3.Main Point 2Providing statistics about how many animals are abused. Which ones are the common ones and what place are the worst.1.Supporting Material
2.Supporting Material

4.Main Point 3: Informingpeople who to call or email when they see an animal getting abuse. Informing what is an abuse even though it could be a little thing.

Supporting Material: ASPCA, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Supporting Material: NYSHA, New York State Humane Association

Supporting material: CNY SPCA,Central New York Society for the PREVENTION of Cruelty to Animals

2.Review Main Points (optional)
3.Clincher: Experience: when I went to Mexico, people will throw rocks; hit them with a broom, or take them to a place where they won’t go home. I saw people having no conscious to what they did. It really breaks my heart seeing an animal suffer. It’s not their fault what the person been through. They have emotions and feelings like us humans

Personally i felt your topic is very good. Indeed it is true that "every beings in this world doesn't want suffering".
You have lot of supporting material, i think that can helps in overall effectiveness in your speech.
Good luck!!! (Frm Pema)