Martinez Brandon

Name: Brandon Martinez
How To go To college

  1. I. ‍Introduction
    A. Hello ladies and gentleman I have a question for you and think about it, how many of you came to school every day?
    B. Do you know how many problems did we face coming to school, by train, bus or just walking?

  2. II. Body
  3. A. How to prepare yourself to going to college.
    1. 1. The first thing you have to do before going to college is the night before be sure is there is school tomorrow, and then you see the classes you have and then try to sleep.
    2. 2. Firstly the day you going to school you have to wake up, eat a breakfast and also take a shower, the last one depends on the kind of people you are.

  4. B. How you can go to college ( train, bus or walking)
    1. 1. I will use some statistics of people that use train, bus and walk to college
    2. 2. If you are a sportsperson or you are doing a diet I believe you’re going to walk also to run to college and is a healthy way to do it, if you are kind of lazy, just a little bit you will use the train, and if you are extremely lazy you will use the bus.

  5. C. The problems we can face using train, bus and also walking
    1. 1. I will use some pictures that allow the audience see what are some struggles we face day to day to go to college, like weather, laziness, running out of time and also the money factor. ( the last one factor will be more emphasized in my speech)

  6. III. Conclusion
  7. A. Most of us are really warriors going day to day to college and overpassing all the struggles we have to get in college.
  8. B. It doesn’t matter if is your first or last day attending to college you will face this problems at least once.