Social Contract; For All Sex and Gender

  1. Introduction
  2. Attention Getter: A clip titled "Imagine a World Without Hate" by Anti Defamation League.
  3. Thesis Statement/Main Overall Point:
Gay men and women deserve to be recognized and accepted in their expression of love through legal binding. Love is a universal language, it has no gender, and marriage is viewed as the ultimate expression of love for many individuals. To take the right away from these people, it is unjustified, an act of discrimination, fueling the act of prejudice, an act of superiority.

  1. Credibility Statement: I have read many articles from both pro and against gay marriage. I have seen few documentaries and have spoken to my friends who are hetero and homosexual, asking them on their view on gay marriage.

  1. Relevance Statement (optional):
    You may think this issue does not directly influence you, if you are straight man or a woman without any close relation to any gay men/women. But if you think about it, it does. Would you want your children or loved ones to be raised in an environment where an act of prejudice is openly accepted and promoted by its government? This government once allowed the act of racism by allowing slavery, but the people of this country fought back and made a change in the constitutions. I believe we can do the same, we can bring a change and demolish the act of prejudice towards the gay community by speaking up for the equity of all sex.

  2. Review Main Points (optional)
  3. Body (number of main points is usually determined by length of speech.)
  4. Main Point 1: Register to Vote
  5. Supporting Material: Voting gives you voice, it's true your one vote may seem small, but when combined with many others it makes a statement. Remember all great things come from the combination of many small things| |
  6. Supporting Material
  7. Main Point 2 Sign petitions
  8. Supporting Material:
  9. Supporting Material:
  10. Main Point 3: Create a gay friendly environment.
  11. Supporting Material: Psychology Today magazine articles
  12. Supporting Material

  1. Conclusion
  2. Review Main Points (optional)
  3. Clincher:
    Imagine living in a country where no one is looked down upon for being black, white, or copper skin, a country where no one is judged for being in love with the same sex, a country that is accepting of all skin, sex, and gender.
I believe America could be that country; one step at a time, we can make a difference. The beauty of America is that we have the freedom of speech. Use your voice to bring justice to the next person. Your support can bring change to the constitution, and a sense of belonging to many.